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Current Grand Lake Fishing Report

We have been busy whitebass fishing and bow fishing these past couple of weeks. We enjoyed shooting the Grand River Monster Bowfishing Tournament this past weekend on Grand Lake as we weighed in 15 big fish for a total of 189.9 lbs for an 8th place finish. Over 50 boats entered to shoot the 1300 miles of shoreline of our Grand Lake. Everyone that entered the tournament had great things to say about the tournament and Grand Lake.

Bowfishing has been great this year as early evening shooting has been great with monster buffalo camping on small gravel banks. We have found some monster gar on 3-4 ft mud flats.

Whitebass fishing is really great on the evening bite with 50-100 per trip. You can target whites in 15-20 ft of water with a 2 1/2 firecracker followed by a 1oz Bendable Minnow. Slowly bouncing the Bendable Minnow off the bottom has been hot!

As evening draws near, watch for surfacing fish in shallow water and retrieve your Bendable Minnow fast across the surface for some great fast action.

Catfish is good drifting around Sailboat Bridge late evening into the night. Also hearing good reports on jugs with live bait and shad. Don't forget your Team Catfish tackle as your hook sets increase with this great durable tackle. Remember to check your jugs hourly as the water temperature has risen to 92.8. This will help keep your catch alive.

Want to make your fish taste better than ever before? Try the new "1 Step Marinade" and you will not be disappointed. We grilled up a mess of Whitebass this weekend and it was awesome! It was so good we marinaded steaks for our guests and they were asking where to get the marinade before their plates were clean. Sports Center of Grove carries this great marinade that will turn good fish into great fish.

Have a blessed and safe week on the water

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